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What a wonderful studio. Ms. Jacqueline is a beloved teacher by students and parents alike. Her love for her work and for her students and the manner in which she inspires them is a joy to see. The kids love the environment that she and Steve have created.

Shannon LeonardWondermom(Facebook Reviews)

Finding this theater has been the best thing that has happened to our family! The level of professionalism is above and beyond anything we have been involved in. The atmosphere is loving and supportive!

Thea GreavesSupermom(Google Reviews)

Some people just have a very special gift with young people and Jacqueline Dunford HAS IT! She is magic and her students shine. They love her immensely. The confidence, talent, and joy that she draws out of these young people is so impressive. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

Danielle FergusonPhenomemom(Facebook Reviews)

This studio and their teachers are amazing! Words cannot describe the care and commitment they have for their children! Miss Jacqueline and her staff support and love my daughter for who she is. This theatre is more than a place that teaches lines, they encourage confidence and togetherness!

Julie VoellerMarvelmom(Google Reviews)

Jacqueline Dunford’s standards for youth theater productions and vocal academy are top-notch. Her recent production of Peter Pan, Jr. was fantastic! We are so proud to be part of her amazing community!

Dina AndersonMiraclemom(Facebook Reviews)

Be What You Want To Be


Begin your journey to background vocalist, session singer, and/or touring artist in your own right.


Let's ensure your voice and portfolio are ready and rocking by the time Broadway comes calling.


Our songwriting track gives you the tools to comfortably and confidently bring your creative ideas to life.


Bring your masterpiece to life with our Pro Music Video experience team. MTV here we come!

Pssst. You don’t have to choose the path right now. Oh, and it can absolutely change throughout your journey. These are ideas to let you know what’s possible. We also like to have a short-term vision to work towards. If you’re a little unsure right now, leave it to us… we’ll figure all this out in your consultation.