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Singing Lesson Insight

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”

Albert Einstein  (he was pretty smart).


We wholeheartedly support Albert’s thinking.

Sure, there are some people who have some genetic predisposition to be better than others at something. If you want to become a basketball legend in the NBA, for example, you’ll have a better chance if you’re tall and can jump over cars (or other big things).

With singing and performing, some people are ‘made’ with a favorable jaw, tongue and vocal folds which encourages excellent singing before they have even begun.

But, even these ‘special people’ have to put in the hours to know what to do with it. Just ask Michael Jordan or Celine Dion.

In the words of ‘the voice’ Celine Dion, speaking on the Larry King show below, vocal exercises can be “very boring” but it must be done the same way that dancers “stretch:”

Talent doesn’t grow on trees, nor is it created with magic… and our students know that.

Our students know that if you want to be better at something, you need to spend time doing it. “How much time?” we hear you ask.


Answer: as much time as it takes… but probably more than you think.  Sorry, not sorry, for the vague answer.


Queue the Month of Greatness (or MOG) at Phoenix Voice Academy!

This is the month when Phoenix Voice Academy students take their training, singing, and performances to a whole new level and commit to getting it done.

They are encouraged to practice their ‘Weekly Workouts’ provided by their coach in their singing lessons EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and record their training in the Month of Greatness Log (we affectionately call this the MOG LOG).

Already, in the first week, our students have been really DOING IT. Check out the cute journal that our Kenzie bought to record her progression!

Lilah also completed her workout every day. She filmed herself giving us a great example of how to CRUSH a daily workout! 

We’re under no illusion what the Month of Greatness does for our students.

Whether it’s having an improved voice, more confidence, and/or an increased awareness of how putting the hours in can affect success in general… the Month of Greatness is powerful.

If you’re going to do something, why not be great at it? No matter how old you are.


There’ll be more on reports on the Month of Greatness and singing lesson insights over the next few weeks.