Brynn Marie

Brynn is a seasoned vocalist trained for a decade at Phoenix Voice Academy. With a history of electrifying performances across Arizona, she is a true artist committed to her craft.


From the moment she could talk, Brynn has been captivating audiences with her voice. Her journey with Phoenix Voice Academy has spanned a transformative decade, rigorously honing her craft and vocal prowess. With a rich history of live performances, she has graced various stages across Arizona, each time leaving an indelible mark on her audience.



A blend of pop and RnB tinged with a unique country flair. Often described as the ‘pop star package,’ she effortlessly marries compelling stage presence with artistic versatility. Her soulful vocals resonate deeply, accentuated by an emotional grit that captivates every listener, making her an exceptional talent that audiences love to watch.



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Georgia On My Mind 2:16

Dock of the Bay 2:16

Georgia On My Mind 2:16