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We want to get to know you better.

You’re one step closer to the magical world of PVA vocal development, musical joy, and performance opportunities. This form gives our team a chance to find out more about you or your young performer, their availability, and their aspirations.

PVA places are in high demand, so be sure to submit your availability today!

During your first lesson, singer and coach will spend approximately 25 minutes vocalizing with exercises and/or song to gain an understanding of the instrument. We will then plan the training route and look forward to greatness.

All PVA students begin with Simply Lessons. The decision for a student to progress to the Pre Academy is based on your performer’s availability, commitment levels, goals, and experience. Please know that these decisions are made together (student, coach, and parent) and determined with your performer’s best interests at heart. Every time.

It is common for our programs to be full. Please know it’s nothing personal if we do not have a place for you when you apply. We are actively working to grow our voice team so all those who desire can benefit from top-level training and join our amazing musical community.

Please complete the form below.

It shouldn’t take longer than 3 minutes. 2 if you’re speedy. You won’t be able to progress unless all required fields are complete, so please keep a firm eye on that.