Vocal Consultation

Yay! You’re almost in! Please read the following to know what happens next.

All training at Phoenix Voice Academy begins with a consultation. This way, you and your child can become acquainted with our beautiful studio and (if you don’t already know us) your potential singing coach.

During the consultation, singer and coach will spend approximately 15 minutes vocalizing to gain an understanding of the instrument. We will then all (parent, singer, coach) come together to decide which training route is going to be the best fit.

Post consultation decisions are based on our availability. They are also based on your child’s availability, commitment levels, goals, and experience. Please know that these decisions are made together (student, coach, and parent) and determined with your child’s best interests at heart. Every time.

It is common for our Academy to be full. Please know it’s nothing personal if we respond to your initial consultation request stating that we are full. We are actively working to grow our voice team so all those who desire can benefit from top-level training and join our amazing musical community.

01. Submit Your Availability

Add your details, and we’ll be in contact to arrange a consultation that fits in the availability you specified during this sign up. You’re on your way!

02. Confirm Your Consultation

Once we agree on a time and you have purchased your initial consultation, you are added to the schedule. We will see you soon!

03. Attend Your Consultation

The consultation will last for approximately 25 minutes with 5 minutes of feedback given at the end. You’ll also walk away with your recorded vocal workout that will change your voice forever.

04. Begin Your Journey To Greatness

Shortly after your consultation, we’ll send you everything you need to sign up to begin your Academy Membership. Next stop: Vocal Greatness!

Submit Your Availability and Let’s Get Singing!