Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Levels and Suitability

How will I know what membership is right for me?

Our team know our membership levels better than they know themselves! Memberships are offered based on your commitment expectations, experience, skill, and availability. After your consultation, they’ll be able to guide you to the level that best fits… sincerely guided with what’s best for you!

My child has never taken lessons before - can they join Phoenix Voice Academy?

Yes! We have different memberships for different needs. Our Academy is suited for those with experience and is highly committed to taking their vocal performance and musicality to a higher level. ‘Simply Lessons’ is suited for those who may have just started and/or don’t have the time to commit to the requirements of the Academy.

My child needs to take a choir audition - will this help?

Yes! One of the primary skills needed when joining a choir is to be able to sing back the music on the page (sight singing or sometimes referred to as sight ‘reading’). Our theory and sight singing course will set you up for success here. That said, choir singing goes far behind repeating what’s on the page. We also know that being able to produce the right tone, reach a whole range of notes and have the musicality to blend with the choir are fundamentals for achieving greatness and enjoying performing in choirs. Our memberships have the boxes ticked in these areas, too!

My child wants to be in Theatre shows

Awesome! You’ve come to the right place. Our sister service ‘Phoenix Youth Theatre’ produces at least two youth musicals every year. Master PVA coach Jacqueline also directs all shows, which really helps students transition voice training into the shows. That said, our memberships are built to give your child the skills and abilities to take on theatre shows wherever and whenever you want to do them. A lot of our current students know that Phoenix Youth Theatre and Voice Academy is home, but still head out to experience other theatres and productions.

We’re very busy. Will we find a time that works?

We’ll try our very best! Phoenix Voice Academy is exclusive and fills fast. We appreciate that your diary isn’t sparse either! We will work with you every step of the way to find the best time for you and your child before you sign up.

Why can’t I just book one lesson?

In the past, we have so very often received ‘that’ call. “I have an audition for *insert West End/Broadway show… or The Voice* audition… help me be the greatest!!” And we’re left thinking… “what do you honestly think is going to happen in 3 days?”

Of course, ad-hoc lessons have their place. Experienced singers can take an hour of advice and play with that new knowledge for a month or so. A teacher can also be the very-much-needed “you’re totally the best” cheerleader ahead of a daunting audition. But, for drastic developments, regular training is where it’s at. We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t encourage this.

Scheduling and Availability

Are virtual lessons the same as in-person?

Not exactly. But you didn’t need us to tell you that. We think a better-worded question may be: “can I benefit just as much from virtual lessons?” The answer to that question is: absolutely, yes!

Now, if someone only enjoys singing lessons because they get to go to a studio and stand a foot away from someone else… clearly, virtual isn’t for them. But, if the enjoyment comes singing songs they love and working on becoming a better singer, musician, and performer with an experienced mentor… then virtual is for them.

As the students needs shift when learning online, the teaching approach has to move with it. We have been teaching virtually for many years, and are extremely thoughtful about our curriculum. Our aim is to optimize every environment and that’s why developed the Virtual Vocal Training Studio and Performers Profile to help assist singers when working at home, throughout the week.

What do I need for virtual lessons?

Here’s a magical list for you so you can prepare for your first lesson:

If you have not done so already, please download and create a free account at
At the time of the lesson each week, you’ll click on the ‘Zoom’ meeting room link or enter the Meeting ID and Password
Please find a quiet place to set up a computer where you will feel comfortable singing.
Headphones are good to wear, but not completely necessary. Some students prefer to sing without.
Parents, if you would like feedback after your child’s lesson, please attend the last five minutes of the lesson.
All of the notes for each lesson will still be taken and stored in your designated Google Drive folder.

What happens if I can’t make a lesson?

The first step… don’t worry!

We have two amazing options for you if and when you can’t make a lesson in person.

If you normally take lessons in person and it’s just getting to the studio that is tricky that particular week, let us know ahead of time*, and we’ll make the arrangements for your coach to give you an online lesson at your usual lesson time, instead.
If something else is just more important that particular week (wink wink), let us know ahead of time*, and you’ll receive your weekly training guidance via your online portal. This way, even if you’ve been hit with the 24-hour lurgy, your coach can keep your development going based on the previous lesson’s notes.

*outside of 24 hours before lesson time.

What happens if my coach has to reschedule?

In the rare case, a teacher needs to cancel a lesson, due to illness or emergency, we will do our absolute best to bring in a highly qualified substitute teacher! Appropriate means will be taken if a substitute teacher cannot be used.

I’m sick - should I come to my lesson/class/workshop?

For so many reasons, the answer to this question is almost always going to be “no.” Whether it’s because with any laryngitis based illness you’re at a higher risk of vocal injury, or because it’s not to spread germs, staying at home is the best option. Depending on your illness, you can choose to either take your in person voice lesson online, request a personalised workout video, or just rest up safe in the knowledge that you’ll be back stronger next week.

Please review our exciting terms for more on our illness policy.

What happens if we move away and have to leave the program?

We’ll very likely cry for a short time and be shrouded in darkness for a few weeks. In terms of your membership, you can cancel, at any time, by writing an email to “” Your monthly payments will stop immediately.**

You’ll send us postcards though, right?

**You can continue until the end of your current 4-week period. No refunds are given for unused membership.

Does the studio close, ever?

Our studio is closed during at certain times through the year (holidays, Christmas, Thanksgiving). If any studio holidays fall within a Voice Academy term, the 16 or 20-week term has accounted for these holidays.  

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

Head to and watch the magic unfold.